• English: Test yourself grammar

    4 Lessonsin

    A series of quizzes to test your knowledge. Our live workshops will include more examples of cases on how to use them,

  • Online Workshops

    2 Lessons

    Live interactive workshop covering a single topic or theme with a maximum number of 100 participants and lasts for 35 minutes.

  • Wassce English Objective

    20 Lessonsin

  • Wassce Reading

    13 Lessonsin

    Reading comprehension is tested in all of the Wassce papers.   However, paper 2 specifically tests comprehension and summary skills.   Key points of the comprehension section: One passage of about 350 words You should spend 30 Minutes on this section 20 Marks Key points of the summary section: One prose passage of about 500 words You […]

  • Wassce Maths

    39 Lessonsin

    Watch the question. Pause. Try to answer. Watch the solution. Compare your answer to mine.

  • Wassce Writing

    11 Lessonsin

    This course will help you revise for your Wassce writing exam. Pre-requisites You need to have a clear understanding of: who you are writing for what your purpose is what information you need to include in what order you should give readers the information how to present the information so that it will be clear […]