Wassce Maths

Watch the question. Pause. Try to answer. Watch the solution. Compare your answer to mine.


Sequences and Series

Arithmetic Progression Example 1 Arithmetic Progression Example 2 Geometric Progression Example 1


Sets Example 1 Sets Example 2


Simple Interest Principal from interest Principal from amount Compound Interest Introduction Compound Interest 1

Linear Equations

Solve a simple linear equation Linear equations in 2 variables Linear equations and graphs Solve a simple linear equation 2 Simplify a simple equation


Algebraic Expression Example 1 Algebraic Expression Example 2


Make the subject of the fomula example 1 Make the subject of the fomula example 2

Quadratic Equations

Introduction to quadratic equations Factorise a quadratic equation Simplify a quadratic equation Simultaneous equations from word problems

Linear Inequalities

Inequality example 1 Inequality example 2 Inequality example 3 Inequality example 4


Language of area Area of a sector Surface area Surface area of cone and sphere Area of a triangle Area and probability


Volume of a sphere Volume of a pyramid Volume of a cone Volume of cone formed Pyaramid volume example 1


Triangles Triangle example 1 Triangle example 2 Similar Triangles Congruent Triangles


Polygons Polygon example 1 Polygon example 2


Circle Properties Circle example 1 Circle example 2 Circle example 3 Circle example 4 Circle example 5 Circle in a square


Frequency Polygon Cumulative Frequency Diagram Quartiles and Median Histogram with equal intervals Frequency table and mean Mean and standard deviation How to draw a pie chart Mean, Median, Mode Overview…


You will need: PaperA sharp pencilA rulerA compassA protractor Perpendicular bisector of a line Bisector of an angle Perpendicular from a point away from a line Perpendicular from a point…