Wassce Writing

This course will help you revise for your Wassce writing exam.


You need to have a clear understanding of:

  • who you are writing for
  • what your purpose is
  • what information you need to include
  • in what order you should give readers the information
  • how to present the information so that it will be clear
  • how to avoid repeating yourself


Form, Communication and Purpose

You should be able to present appropriate information and develops ideas logically for most of the response.You should be able to present complex ideas/information clearly and concisely, with occasional lapses.You…


You should be able to use of spelling and grammar accurately, supporting meaning most of the time. Skills Check: Spelling

Punctuation and Grammar

You should be able to use a range of punctuation, e.g. ConnectivesCommasApostrophesInverted commasVerbsSubject and verbsProofreading Apostrophes Inverted commas Complex sentences


Length: 7 minutesComplexity: Standard

37 Jones Street Freetown 22nd April, 2018 James Francis 35 Campbell Street Freetown Dear Mr. Francis I write to commend the very good behaviour of your receptionist, Regina.  On the…

How to write a letter of complaint

ParagraphWhat to includeExampleOpeningWhy are you writingI write to complain about Jade’s behaviourMiddle paragraphsState the problemEvidenceShe slammed the door in my face.My glasses brokeConclusionWhat you would like to happenI would like…

How to write an essay

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

You should: put together a balanced and well organised argumentorganise your paragraphs to argue your points persuasivelywork out the best order to write your pointswrite in a formal and impersonal…


Length: 7 minutesComplexity: Standard

Content – have you included everything the question says?Style – are you using the correct style, formal or informal language?Read word by word carefully and check for spelling mistakes.Read each…

Writing Task Checklist

Length: 50 minutesComplexity: Standard

Please note that writing will be discussed in live workshops. Here is the marking checklist: Content: 10 marks Are your ideas relevant and connected to the topic? Organisation: 10 marks…